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Quick and Reliable International
Immigration Services

Planning to visit your loved ones abroad? Let EA English Academy help you get a visitor visa with our expert visa consultancy services. We are the prodigies when it comes to getting visitor visas in quick time. This is the reason that we are known in the region for offering quick, reliable and efficient services.

100% success rate*

Our visitor visa experts meticulously analyze your profile to eliminate all the possible reasons that could lead to a visa rejection. An almost 100% success rate in getting visas during our service tenure is a proof our expertise and commitment in visitor visa consultancy services. Whether you are looking for Canada immigration services, an immigration visa for Australia, or any other foreign destination for that matter, we are the one stop where you can get the most accurate help for all this and more.

Visitor Visas in Record Quick Time

Over the past few years, we have helped not just individuals but groups of enthusiasts to get their visitor visas granted in record time. In one such case, our hard-working and sincere team members we able to get visitor visas for 4 countries a group of 9 individuals in just one day. If you too want to get your visitor visa in quick time, you can call us now.

Get your profile evaluation done!

We have to perform a preliminary profile evaluation to make find out how to proceed you’re your aspirations of traveling abroad. Meet our experts now to get your profile evaluation done on the spot. You can also share your profile directly at or call at +91 95787 00068 to discuss your profile.

So, What are you waiting for?

Stop wasting your time wondering what to do and where to go. Visit our office in Barnala today!